Rural Services of Indiana, Inc.

Mediation Project:

Our agency provides mediation services to rural residents, producers, their creditors, and other persons directly affected by adverse decisions of USDA agencies and other agricultural creditors.


Mediation is a means for parties in a dispute to exchange information and to explore options in a non-binding setting. Through mediation, parties work toward a resolution while avoiding the cost and time usually involved in pursuing litigation or administrative appeals.


Potential Parties to Mediation:

-      - Rural Residents

-      - Private Lenders/ Creditor

-      - County Committee

-      - Risk Management Agency

-      - Farm Service Agency

-      - Rural Development

-      - Natural Resource Conservation Service

  - Rural Utilities Service/ Private Utilities

-      - Department of Natural Resources Forest Service

-      - Other USDA Agencies as permitted by regulation


Upon application, the party requesting mediation will receive applicable regulations for their review and a letter explaining the mediation process and costs in detail. Issues covered by the USDA grant involve no fees to the parties.

Call for mediation information at 1-800-288-6581
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